Wooden toys are fondly remembered as part of one’s childhood by so many people and as such, are a far cry from the plastic of today’s modern world of toys.  However, surprisingly, wooden toys of excellent quality are widely available, especially so in our shop where we consider them an essential part of a child’s development.

Wooden toys are traditional by nature and give any child a sense of history and quality. They are available in most designs ranging from wooden cars and garages, castles, dolls houses complete with full sets of wooden furniture to match, rocking horses, musical instruments and a huge array of developmental toys.

One of the best features of all wooden toys is their durability.  Wooden toys can keep up with even the roughest of children and your child will enjoy many hours of play with their new wooden toys.  As with all kinds of toys, safety is a very important concern, particularly if you have young children.  It is very important that there be no sharp edges or splinters.  In addition, it is important that any paints used in the production of the wooden toys be non-toxic and free of lead. British safety standards, the most stringent in the world ensure that all wooden toys meet these requirements.